Life in Synergy


Earlier this spring I got the chance to try out ClassPass, the subscription that lets you take classes at a long list of fitness studios for a great price. I had so much fun exploring some different ways to work out, and my favorite discovery of that month was Life in Synergy. (You can read more about ClassPass here.) The Life in Synergy studio is upstairs on Boylston Street, close to the Hynes Convention Center and the Pru. Even though it is in the middle of a busy part of town, the studio itself feels very calm and airy.


The owner of the studio, Helena Collins, has had a long career in fitness, and created the Synergistics Fitness Method as a reaction to the negativity she saw in the fitness industry. It was important to her to create a place where people felt comfortable and supported, and this unique culture was immediately apparent to me. All of the teachers at the studio are so kind and encouraging, and strike the perfect balance of motivating the class while still making people feel good about their efforts, even if they are beginners. In my first class, I remarked how everyone was having a good time – so refreshing!

In her experience with many other fitness methods, Helena felt that certain muscles were being overworked and that some exercises were actually not improving how people felt in their bodies. From her perspective, there are so many muscles that we all use every single day, carrying groceries or babies, picking things up, etc (hello biceps!) and these muscles don’t need to be further strengthened. Instead, she has developed a series of exercises targeted towards the muscles that are underdeveloped in most people. Her goal is to have people feeling great and looking their best with a minimum amount of time spent in the studio, with the motto “work smart, not hard.” The classes are either 45 or 60 minutes, but you definitely will pack a lot of work into that time!

With the new student deal, I was able to meet with Helena for a one-on-one training session. Helena is such a dynamo, and spending an hour with her was a great way to really get an understanding of the exercises and my specific strengths and weaknesses. She is so passionate about her job, and that enthusiasm is contagious! My new student deal is over, but I’m planning to keep Life in Synergy on my schedule.

What to expect: Feeling the burn in muscles you didn’t know you had (but it is fun!), nice people.

What to bring: Clothes you can move in. Mats, resistance bands, and weighted balls are provided. There is a nice locker room at the studio.

What you’ll pay: If you are a new student, you can pay $100 for a month of unlimited classes plus a private training session. Single classes are $20, and monthly memberships are $159 a month and up. See more on their website. You can also attend classes through ClassPass – making them only $10 each!

Images Courtesy of Life in Synergy.

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