Midsummer Night Revels


Can you believe that we are more than a week into June? The last few days have been so warm and sunny, and the days are getting longer. The longest day of the year has been celebrated time of growth and plenty across many cultures. Among today’s Bostonians, it is far less common to mark the summer solstice, but this year why not do a little celebrating?

The Midsummer Night Revels takes place in Cambridge on the evening of the summer solstice, June 21. The Revels are a group of musicians, artists, and actors dedicated to keeping traditional music, dance, and art alive. They are probably best known for their Christmas Revels, an interactive performance they hold each year during the winter holidays. This June, they are hosting a celebration of summer. The group describes the event as a “Victorian-themed fundraiser,” and the event includes performances, a dessert buffet, a silent auction, and a “pop-up” pub. All of the proceeds from the event benefit the Revels education and public programs.

Midsummer Night Revels, Saturday, June 21, 7:30pm. Shady Hill School, 56 Coolidge Street, Cambridge. Tickets $40 or $100. For more information visit the Revels website.

Image Credit: Daniel Bahcheli (I miss Parisian sunsets!)

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