Thursday Crush: Michelle Armas


For me, there is a wide range of art that I appreciate, that moves me, that inspires me. However, it is much smaller group of works that I would want to live with and see on my walls each and every day. Right now, I am feeling really drawn to colorful, abstract paintings, so when I stumbled upon the blog of Georgia-based artist Michelle Armas, I was smitten. Her paintings are so full of vibrant color and feel so ALIVE. I’ve been imagining them on my walls ever since! Michelle sells her paintings at several galleries, as well as through her website. She also sells prints starting at only $35 – I love that she makes her work accessible at many price points.

Michelle went to school for graphic design and branding, but after spending a bit of time in the branding world, she realized that her heart was in painting. After working for many years, she was able to find success as a painter – you can read the story of finding a way to make a living painting on her blog. While I liked her paintings at first sight, reading Michelle’s honest, authentic, and funny words has made me like them even more! She is definitely crush-worthy! ;)

jasper_print1 paige1

Images Courtesy of Michelle Armas. (From the top, Josh, Jasper, and Paige.) For more information, visit Michelle’s website.


  1. Daniel says:

    Very cool! I like some of the titles for her paintings too, like “Plompt” and “Shzzzerch”