Cheap Date: Larz Anderson Auto Museum

LarzAndersonAutoMuseum You may hear about this cheap date and immediately think “not for me,” but I encourage you to think again! A few years ago, I would have thought the same. But then my fiancé discovered Top Gear and the Velocity Channel and his dormant inner “Car Guy” was reignited. Though I care little about the inner workings of cars and couldn’t tell a Mercedes from a Porsche if you paid me, I do appreciate the aesthetics and history. The Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline is home to America’s oldest car collection. Housed in the original Anderson family carriage house, the museum alone is a beautiful place to visit. The displays of cars (obviously), period clothing, and automobile advertisements are interesting even if you know little about the machines. What makes for a great date are the weekly Lawn Events during the summer months. Most Sundays (along with the occasional Saturday), enthusiasts bring their cars to show on the Museum’s lawn. Each week has a theme, from Microcars to Extinct Cars. For $10 you get entrance into the museum and the event where you can talk to the owners, take pictures, and pick your favorite (like mine, a black 1954 Corvette!) LarzAndersonAutoMuseum2

Photo Credit: Molly Kerrigan

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