Thursday Crush: Eric Cahan

I came across Eric Cahan’s Sky Series photographs a few weeks ago, and I’ve been thinking about them ever since. These images primarily capture the ephemeral light of sunrise or sunset, as seen through colored resin filters Cahan makes himself and holds in front of his lense. Says Cahan, “My mission is to capture light. Light is the true subject of this series: its constant mystery, the way it shifts and colors everything around it in nature.”

Each image is referred to by the time and place it was taken, and together they act as a ‘visual journal,’ capturing a memory and a moment. Eric also makes gorgeous videos capturing the shifting light, as well as resin sculptures that interact with their environment, reflecting and transmitting light, just as the sky and the sea.

Here are a few amazing images from the Sky Series. (Eric also has an awesome instagram feed!)

EC_0741pm_Gulf-of-California-Mexico EC_0709_Cabo_San_LusasMexico
EC_0721pm_Sagg-Main-Beach-NY EC_0748pm_Bridgehampton-NY

All Images Courtesy of Eric Cahan. You can find out more about Eric on his website.

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