B/SPOKE Studios Cycles into Boston

BSPOKE Studio - (c. Jarrett McGovern)

I used to really dislike indoor cycling – it was just so uncomfortable! And then something happened, I realized that I really loved the energy and deep burn that comes from cycling, especially when you are doing it correctly. Since I now enjoy a good indoor cycling class, I’m always intrigued when new studios come to town. With cycling classes becoming more popular, it is interesting to see how the various studios differentiate themselves. 

New-kid-on-the-block, B/SPOKE Studios, opens today! Founded by Ryan Olsen and Mark Partin, the Financial District studio will provide an invigorating, low impact, full-body workout in addition to some neat elements like an online magazine component, called The Journal, that promotes overall wellness.

Co-founder Partin says, “We’ve always admired Boston’s passion for fitness. Our goal was to bring an all-encompassing active lifestyle brand to the area that uses fitness as a catalyst to jumpstart positive change.” The classes will vary from 45, 60 to 75-minutes and will incorporate ever-evolving routines, which I can totally appreciate. If you’re looking to up the competition, the B/SPOKE bikes are equipped to track goals and allow for personal performance tracking online after each ride.

In celebrating the launch, all classes this week are free – and include water, shoes, and a towel. You can register online here.

B/SPOKE Studios, Federal Street, Monday-Friday, 5 am to 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday, 8:30 to 11:30 am, classes range from $20-27. For more information, please visit B/SPOKE online or call 617-951-9900.

Image credit: Jarrett McGovern

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