Motto Sparkling Matcha Tea


I was recently sent some samples of a unique beverage – Motto, a sparking drink made with matcha green tea. From a company started by locals Tom Olcott and Henry Crosby, Motto’s recipe was developed to be as healthy and tasty as possible.  Tom originally started drinking matcha daily for its amazing health properties, preparing the ground tea with hot water in the traditional way. He tried it cold one day, and was intrigued by the refreshing flavor. After experimenting with adding lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and sparkling water, he realized that it could be a great business idea. After sharing the concept with his friend Henry, the two worked together to bring Motto to stores.

The final recipe is very close to Tom’s first experiments in his kitchen. It is made with Japanese matcha green tea, which, per gram, has more antioxidants than any other natural source. While for other teas, only the steeped water in consumed, in the preparation of matcha the powder made from the whole tea leaf is used. While Motto is refreshing, it has the nutrients of 12 cups of steeped green tea but the caffeine of only a third of a cup of coffee. (See the nutrition label here.)

Motto’s flavor is pleasantly earthy and rich, but the flavor may not be everyone’s “cup of tea.” (See what I did there?) Fans of green tea will love the more intense flavor of matcha, however if you are sensitive to fructose, note that the sparking drink does contain some honey and agave syrup. It was such a treat to try a different type of “green” drink, and Motto was such a nice way to cool down during these hot summer days!

Image Courtesy of Motto. Motto is available locally at Whole Foods and a bunch of shops like Formaggio, SnapTop Market, Bees Knees, etc. 

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