Scoop Sights

Katelyn Young, Scoop Sights

As an ice cream lover (in spite of childhood lactose intolerance), I’m constantly on the lookout for that delicious, creamy and just perfect scoop. Even in the midst of winter, I find myself putting on my winter boots to run down the street for a dish of ice cream. Crazy, perhaps, but there’s something that just feels so quintessentially New England about ice cream – even in winter’s bitter cold.

When I first stumbled across Katelyn Young’s Scoop Sights, I knew I had to find out more. Katelyn’s passion for crafting a community around ice cream is something really special. Katelyn began by making full-dairy ice cream but after realizing how difficult it was to find dairy-free ice cream to accommodate her sister with lactose intolerance – and countless others that can’t tolerate milk or choose not to include it in their diet, she set out on a mission to concoct a dairy-free ice cream. After putting several recipes to the test, Katelyn fell in love with coconut milk ice cream — and I can totally understand why. Coconut cream is thick, creamy, beautiful – and delicious. Plus, as Katelyn realized, coconut milk made her body feel good.

Launching late August, you’ll be able to spot Katelyn on her trusty trike at farmer’s markets around Cambridge. Katelyn aims to unite ice cream lovers on Instagram by encouraging people to hold their ice cream at arm’s length, snap away, and hashtag #scoopsights.

Now for the hard part, which flavor?

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