Calamity Co Dance

IMG_4229 AES_CalamityZoeMylonas

The dynamic trio at the head of Calamity Co Dance, Amy Mastrangelo, Meghan Riling, and Molly Hess, aim to create light-hearted, fun, approachable performances that merge dance and other art forms. With the view that “art is an everyday and everyperson event,” the group keeps the ticket prices low (plus there are always snacks).

Their next performance, Calamity #7, will be help at Third Life Studio in Union Square on August 22. (Follow their website for more information!) On August 16, Calamity Dance Co is joining forces with Art City Cambridge to create an “Outdoor Dance Museum” in Harvard Square’s Winthrop Park on the evening of August 16th. Dancers from several local companies will be exploring the space of the park and interacting with others in the space. So intriguing! We love to hear about people bring the art that they love to the public. You can follow Calamity Dance Co through their blog, or on facebook,  twitter, or instagram.

Images Courtesy of Calamity Co Dance.

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