4 Delicious Smoothie Spots in Boston

nourishyoursoulIn the heat of summer, I find few things more satisfying than a delicious ice-cold smoothie. Sometimes I’ll choose the hearty green smoothie but often I enjoy a slightly sweet smoothie filled with raspberries and blueberries. If you have the right ingredients (I keep frozen fruit in my freezer which double as fruit and ice!), smoothies can be easy to make at home. But, when you’re on the go or looking for a quick pick-me-up without the hassle, here are our favorite spots.

Nourish Your Soul, 15 Channel Center, Boston
I was first introduced to Nourish Your Soul when founder Susan Cabana opened her first store in West Medford. Since then, she has opened a second space in South Boston’s Fort Point. You can’t go wrong with any of the smoothies here, but my personal favorite is the tropical smoothie – yum!

Squeeze Café & Juice Bar, 131 Dartmouth Street, Boston
Tucked inside the lobby of Equinox, this little juice, smoothie, and acai bar is a favorite of mine. The staff is always so lovely and the drinks are delicious. I love the Grateful Dead smoothie and I can’t get enough of a morning acai bowl these days.

Five Seventy Market, 570 Tremont Street, Boston
It’s no surprise that this corner market is a neighborhood favorite. In addition to picking up a few grocery items (and a bunch of beautiful sunflowers), I love the smoothies at Five Seventy! My favorite is the Berry Incident (I sub soy for almond milk) but they are all delicious.

JUGOS, 145 Dartmouth Street, Boston
The menu at JUGOS is amazing – so many varieties of juice, smoothies, shots (hello ginger, cayenne, and turmeric!), and acai bowls. It’s hard to go wrong when ordering at JUGOS, but I currently love anything with pineapple or pear.

What are your favorite smoothie spots in Boston?

Image courtesy of Nourish Your Soul.

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