Thursday Crush: The Neshama Project


I came across The Neshama Project recently and found their necklaces so beautiful! Their designs are based on the hamsa, a hand-shaped amulet popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa, and is even found among ancient Mesopotamian artifacts. Rachelle Tratt, the founder of The Neshama Project, says that they “represent unity, connection, and that we are all one. Along with being a symbol of protection, abundance and love.” How special are they? I love the sentiment behind them as well – they would make such a great gift for a dear friend.

As a teen, Rachelle was given a blue hamsa necklace from Israel, the place where her parents met. A few years ago, Rachelle visited Israel to retrace the path of her mother, who passed away when she was a child. Eventually, Rachelle had the idea to start a company based on the hamsa symbol, in honor of her mother. (Neshama means soul.) Rachelle says, “I have always been drawn to the hamsa symbol… Five years ago I was gifted a special blue opal hamsa necklace from Israel, and everyday someone would make a comment about the necklace, and I realized it became a conversation starter for all things important to me : overcoming love and loss, principles of yoga, Israel, the country where my parents met and fell in love. This inspired the very core of creating The Neshama Project.”

The necklaces and other jewelry are sold online, and are made in California with stones from Israel. There are several beautiful versions to choose from, plus 10% of all proceeds go to your choice their partner charities. I especially am drawn to the sparkly blue opal of the Nikki necklace, but the company also uses a darker blue stone, as well as white opal. They even make dog tags! You can follow Rachelle through her blog, on instagram and on facebook.

P.S. Rachelle is also a yoga teacher, and leads retreats in various countries (click here for details).


Images Courtesy of The Neshama Project.

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