Meet Koncerted, Where Lifestyle and Technology Intersect


As a child of the Internet age, I am constantly discovering new ways to use technology. From finding tools to ease daily routine to tapping into technology as a curious traveler, there are so many ways in which it can help us – as long as we know how to use it properly!

A few months ago, we became acquainted with Koncerted, a Waltham-based company, that bridges the gap between lifestyle and education by offering educational seminars and in-house advisory sessions. Founders Blair Wallin and Ed Webb created Koncerted to provide white-glove service that advises you on a variety of brands and products.


Koncerted gets to know you and your specific needs. They set up a roadmap as to how they can help get you there – whether that is in the form of an at-home installation, connecting all your “smart” things, figuring out how to refine your digital ecosystem and above all: integration and education. We love that the Koncerted team will advise you on what systems or items to purchase, but will always look first at what you currently have and work with that.

In this world of “always on”, it’s so useful to figure out what you want to use and how to use it effectively.

Images courtesy of Koncerted.

This post is in partnership with Koncerted, a local company that aims to make technology accessible and personal through education and integration. As always, all thoughts are our own. Thank you for reading!

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