Our Favorite Apps

Painted in Waterlogue

We love it when technology makes our life easier, rather than more complicated. There are so many apps out there, but cluttering up your phone with too many can be annoying. We thought we would share some of our favorites with you.

Instagram. Well, of course. Instagram is such a fun way to share images and inspiration. We love the interactions and conversation it inspires, and it is so fun to scroll through and see what people are up to.

VSCOcam. VSCOcam is always coming out with amazing new filters that encourages people to try something new. They also have built an incredible community.

Waterlogue. This is a really fun app that lets you turn pictures into drawings or paintings. There are lots of options, and the effect can be so interesting – see above for an example!

Find my Friends. My husband and I and love this app. We both installed it, and now through the app we can see where the other person is. For us, so many of our texts were about where we were and when we would get somewhere while trying to meet up, and this really simplified our life. Of course, you wouldn’t want just anyone accessing your location at all times, so in addition to always sharing your location with specific people you can also temporarily share your location (for example, when meeting up with a group of friends).

Sonos. My husband and I recently bought Sonos speakers with help from Koncerted, and the app has made listening to music really simple. We can select music, group speakers, change volume, and even adjust the treble and bass from our phones.

LevelUp. Especially when the line is long, we love being able to pay in a few seconds with this app. Plus they offer some nice coupons.

Feedly. Keeping up on all the great blogs out there is not easy! Feedly has a really nice app to make reading blogs on your phone easier.

TripIt. This is an amazing app for coordinating travel plans – you add in all your travel confirmations and it populates flight times and keeps you in the loop of any changes. You can also share your itinerary with others so people know when to expect you.

Duolingo. Duolingo is an great app if you are trying to learn a new language or brush up before a trip.

Do you have any favorites not on this list? We’d love to hear about them!

This post is in partnership with Koncerted, a local company that aims to make technology accessible and personal through education and integration. As always, all thoughts are our own. Thank you for reading!

Image Credit: Daniel Bahcheli, processed with Waterlogue

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