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The Clambake Chardonnay, photo by Grant Cowherd.

I recently met Mary McAuley, founder of the new venture Ripe Life Wines. It was so much fun getting to know her, and it was inspiring to hear her story and her vision for her company.

Mary grew up on the Jersey shore, and so has a long-standing affection for seafood and gatherings on the beach. Prompted by her love of casual get togethers, Mary came up with the idea of selling wine for special foods – the kind of foods we enjoy when relaxing and celebrating with family and friends. After culinary school, Mary had been working as a sommelier and wine educator, and as such, she was experienced in matching wines to food. In fact, in addition to advising students and restaurant guests, Mary’s friends often texted her pictures of wine lists, looking for suggestions of what to order with dinner!


Founder, Mary McAuley, with CMO, Grant Cowherd, at the Nantucket Wine Festival.

Realizing that matching wine and food is something many of us find intimidating, she felt that there was a place for a brand that made it easy. Starting with the food, Ripe Life Wines works backwards, finding the best vineyards to complement the meal, at a price that is accessible. Because of her background, her first aim was to find a wine perfect for a clambake – the Clambake Chardonnay. I had the chance to sample it, and it is a great balance between crisp citrus notes and the richness that you typically expect in Californian Chardonnay. So good!! Mary also recently came out with a limited run of rosé equally delicious with seafood. Up next, she is looking for a red wine to complement tailgate foods, with an expected release in Fall 2015.

At the moment, her Ripe Life Wines can be found in several local shops, including The Urban Grape, Wine, Emporium, Brix, and more, as well as elsewhere in New England. So amazing to hear about someone following their dream! (And pointing us towards a nice glass of wine in the process!)

Learn more about Ripe Life Wines on their website, or follow them on twitter, instagram, or facebook.

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