Cheap Date: Community Yoga Classes


Whether you’re a regular yogini or have never attempted a down dog in your life, a community or drop in yoga class could be a great alternative for your next cheap date or day out with pals. While membership at yoga studios can get pricey, many in the city offer inexpensive options such as community classes (for as low as $5), cash-only drop in classes (for around $10) or new member specials (usually either two weeks for $25 or 30 days for $30). To make it super easy for you, I have a list of all the studios in the area with deals over on my blog Wicked Cheap in Boston. Make a healthy afternoon of it by chatting over a smoothie after class!

Some things to keep in mind: a lot of the studios offer mat rentals if you don’t have your own. If you’re a little grossed out by the idea of sharing sweaty yoga mats with others, you can find inexpensive ones at stores like Marshalls or TJ Maxx. Also, most of these special deals are cash-only so hit up the ATM before you go.


Molly shares fun date ideas – for friends and significant others alike – in the Cheap Date series. Be sure to catch up with Molly on her blog, Wicked Cheap in Boston, and on Twitter and Instagram.

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