Tortilleria La Nina


Some of the best foods are the simplest. Crusty baguette, macaroni and cheese, fresh lettuce with a simple vinaigrette. While we often run across iterations of these familiar foods that are just ok, when they are done well they are amazing. Tortillas and tortilla chips definitely fall in this category for me, so I was so excited when I came across chips from Tortilleria La Nina at the local Whole Foods. They are so crispy and flavorful, and make an absolutely idea vehicle for guacamole! ;)

The tortilleria was founded by Chef  Jamie Mammano of the Columbus Hospitality Group, who was inspired by the delicious tortillas his mother-in-law would send from Mexico. Founded in 2011 and selling in retail outlets since last year, Tortilleria La Nina makes their tortillas the traditional way, cooking whole grain corn with water and lime, and then grinding the corn using hand-carved volcanic stone.


Images Courtesy of Tortilleria La Nina.

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