The Christmas Revels

Victorian Singers in snow 300 dpi (2)

The Revels are performers that come together to celebrate the seasons with traditional song and dance, inviting the audience to join in as active participants. Their annual Christmas Revels celebrates the season at the Sanders Theatre in Cambridge from December 12-28. I was able to see the show last year, and it was SO much fun!

Each year, the Revels create a Christmas show around a different theme. This year, the 44th annual Christmas Revels is set in Victorian London at the Chrystal Palace, a structure that was built for the Great Exhibition of 1851. The cast of characters includes a harried producer, a band of street performers, and a famous composer, brought together to produce a Christmas performance. The show will include traditional carols, dances, and lively music hall songs from the 80-member ensemble. To find out more and purchase tickets, visit the Revels website.

Image Courtesy of The Revels.

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