Becoming a grown up

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Sometimes you need help finding your inner adult. If I’m being honest, some days I’d rather be dreaming about far-away travels or staying up way too late. When I really stop to think about it, though, I am so  grateful to be an adult. Sure, the responsibilities are huge, but so is the freedom. No curfew, you can enjoy that glass of wine at your favorite restaurant, and when you really stop to think about it, the sky is the limit. This is your life – you do what you want with it.

Although great things coming with getting older, there are also bills that need to be paid, insurance language that you can’t decipher, and sometimes too many choices. It can be an overwhelming world.

The wonderful part of living in a supportive community such as Boston, is that there are groups and organizations to help guide you. You can learn about your choices (and make ones that really serve you) while meeting other “adults” and have a little fun along the way. One of these great groups, Society of Grownups, caught our eye long before they launched in Brookline this fall. Society of Grownups takes complicated issues and puts a fun spin on them. The class schedule is full of interesting courses like “In Case of a Zombie Apocalypse (Why you Should Think About a Will)” and “Beyond the Hostel (Planning Grownup Trips)”. Best of all, the classes are small (some are limited to six people) and well-priced. On our list? A supper club.

I’m convinced that being a grownup is pretty great.

Society of Grownups, 1653 Beacon Street, Brookline. Visit Society of Grownups online for a full schedule, fun tips, and more.

Images courtesy of Society of Grownups

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