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Can you imagine wearing a boned corset all day? I certainly can’t – I can enjoy life so much more in stretchy jeans and soft flannel shirts! But there are certain times when looking polished and professional is important, and while I don’t regret the demise of the corset, slips somehow disappeared along the way too.

When Stefanie Mnayarji was working in finance, she found herself constantly adjusting her skirts and button-up blouses before meetings, while men’s clothes were comfortable and practical, and didn’t need such careful attention. She realized that a product that allowed women to stop having to adjust their clothes or be constrained by uncomfortable shapewear would be a game-changer. While so many other articles of clothing have been the focus of experimentation and the use of innovative fabric, slips have stayed the same, or in many cases disappeared from shelves altogether.

Stefanie took the leap to found Luxxie Boston, and spent the next 18 months beta-testing her designs on different body types, consulting with experts at MIT, FIT, and Parsons to choose the fabric and refine the fit. She then posted on Kickstarter to fund her first product run, promising to “reboot the slip,” with the premise that the reinvented slips will allow women to stop “spanking themselves with shapewear” and look great without sacrificing comfort. (See Stefanie explain Luxxie’s goals in 60 seconds on CNBC here!)


The result is beautiful. Stefanie aimed to create something functional, comfortable, and sexy, which she described as “Agent Provocateur meets Under Armour.” All the slips and camisoles in the Luxxie line are sewed in LA using a 92% silk material, which gives the luxurious feeling of draped in silk all day. Silk is also incredibly strong, and this fabric has been treated to make it extremely easy to wash. Stefanie suggests hanging it in the shower to take out the wrinkes and spot clean – easy! The silk blend is not too heavy, and was selected for breathability, making it wearable in all four of Boston’s seasons. The designs come in a range of colors, including platinum, latte, black, and seasonal colors of hunter green, burgundy, and deep blue.


The straps on the products are Japanese grosgrain, comprised of wool and silk, which looks like ribbon and is more comfortable than traditional strap material. Certain designs can be made with an optional lace edging in traditional French leavers lace, created in Calais on one of the oldest looms in the world! This material is very strong, and the workmanship is amazing – it is even scalloped by hand! With a traditional retail model, these luxurious touches would result in a very high price, but Luxxie’s direct-to-consumer e-commnerce model allows the prices to stay more accessible than they otherwise would be.


We find the story behind Luxxie so inspiring! Stefanie is making something unusual – most women dont wear slips anymore, not because they don’t want them or have a need for them, but because they just don’t exist. With her reboot of the slip, she aims to show how luxurious slips can feel and how they can make dressing easier, especially when things are too tight, too sheer,  or too bunchy. While the Luxxie Boston line was originally developed with the professional wardrobe in mind, the pieces look so great that they can also be worn alone, or under sheer tops. We have made so many innovations in activewear and other kinds of clothing, why not lingerie?

Check out the Luxxie Boston website to find out more. Luxxie offers free shipping and free returns. You can also follow them on facebook, instagram, and twitter to stay in the loop on promotions (25% off through December 1 with code THX2014!) and fit parties.

Images Courtesy of Luxxie Boston. We were provided samples for the purposes of review.

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