Gift Guide: For the Entertainers

We all know them – the people who love to cook, experiment with drinks, and (when we are lucky!) invite us over for dinner. Make it easier on them with these gift ideas!


A good cocktail shaker is a must for an entertainer. For something different, check out the Mason Shaker ($29), made in Brooklyn. The nod to a classic mason jar is so fun! I bought it for my husband last year at the great South End shop Olives and Grace, and he’s been shaking us great drinks ever since. ;) The company also has an online shop.


I love champagne in flutes, but the more old-fashioned champagne coupes are getting a lot of use at my place lately. They are perfect to let the bubbles tickle your nose, and are also a great way to present the classic cocktails that are making such a comeback these days. Plus, they just feel so elegant! Pictured are these from Crate and Barrel – modern and not too expensive at $10.95 each. If you’re looking to splash out, these are so pretty ($175 for 2) – more ideas here!


Flame 5.5 RFO

These Le Creuset dutch ovens (around $275) are the best – ours is in constant use during the winter months. They are a big investment, but they last forever – I have a hand-me-down skillet from Le Creuset that is probably 30 years old!


A touch of fleur de sel makes everything taste good – I especially love it sprinkled on raw vegetables or salads. This natural sea salt is flaky, and tastes more gentle than regular salt. Plus, it comes in such a cute little container! (Fleur de Sel de Camargue, $10.68 on Amazon)

_COVER Vegetable Literacy

I adore all of Deborah Madison’s cookbooks (I met her briefly last summer and it was the closest to starstruck I’ve ever come!), and this volume is no exception. Vegetable Literacy ($27.25 on Amazon) not only includes many amazing recipes, but the photography is beautiful, and makes the book a really special gift. Madison has such an understanding of vegetables, and this is her at the top of her game.

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