Thursday Crush: We Are Owls


The stars are so awe-inspiring. Even with today’s knowledge of space, they retain their sense of mystery. The three founders of We Are Owls are most inspired by the night, and all that happens beneath the stars – when “we become poets, philosophers, lovers and dreamers.” With this inspiration in mind, they illustrate scenes of the moon phases, star maps, and other celestial imagery, which are then hand-printed onto cashmere. The result is so beautiful! As a fellow night owl, I am particularly enamoured by the blue constellation map overlaid by a 17th century print of Pegasus, Aquarius, and Andromeda. I also love the blue and pink illustration of the Tree of Life concept and the grey and orange depiction of the wind gods.

Each design is a collaboration between the team of three, Connie, Emily, and Ling, who have also been best friends for 20 years. The threesome then work with a factory in Inner Mongolia to weave and hand silkscreen the cashmere scarves. These pieces look warm and soft, but are also so unique! To see all the designs and learn more about We Are Owls, check out their website.





Images courtesy of We are Owls.

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