One of the hardest things about moving to a new city is finding people you connect with.Foremost, finding a new group of friends can be challenging, but then there is also the greater network of other people we rely on in our life – the hair stylists, dentists, doctors, and more. Over the years, through personal experience and recommendations from friends, we build up a list of people that we can trust.

That is just one of the reasons that I am so into the new review website Dunwello. Based in Boston (yay for local!), the site focuses on reviews of trusted professionals. Rather than recommending businesses, users recommend PEOPLE – such a great idea! After all, in so many spheres, it is the individual people who really make or break an experience. Plus, since reviews are linked to individuals rather than companies, the reviews will move along with the professional if they move, for example if a hairdresser switches salons. Anyone can join and write a review.

dunwello boston

The site has only recently launched, and I am excited to see how it grows! I joined and reviewed a few of my favorite professionals in Boston. As a curly-haired girl, finding a hairdresser that can deal with natural texture can sometimes be a challenge. My mom recommended her stylist, Tyzza Hartmann, who as it turns out, is an absolute sweetheart and a wizard with the scissors. Another challenge was getting a dentist that was in my network. Finding a dentist who makes those appointments (no one’s favorite) as easy and pleasant as possible was a huge relief.

For when things get stressful, it is so nice to have the name of a massage therapist that can get the knots out. I was really impressed with Natalie De Surrey at Bodywaves. Finally, I had been wanting to try acupuncture for a long while. I recently saw acupuncturist Marcy White. She made me so comfortable, and it was a great first experience! She is so incredibly knowledgeable, and I learned so much about Chinese medicine during our visit.

Check out my Dunwello profile if you would like to read more about any of these professionals, and maybe join yourself and share your favorite people! I’ll definitely be referring to the site next time I am looking for recommendations.

I was reimbursed for one of these services in exchange for writing an honest review of the website. As always, all opinions are my own.

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