On Resolutions

st michel

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I always do, even though they are definitely met with widely varying levels of success! But there is something about a new year that feels so hopeful and all about possibilities. It feels kind of romantic to take stock and think about what 2015 can bring.

Last year I made two different lists (I love lists, what can I say) – one for “goals” and the other for “resolutions.” The resolutions list was all about the process – things that need to happen over and over until they become habits, like meditate more, procrastinate less, go to yoga class twice a week, pay more attention to everyday pleasures, etc. I found it really helpful to consider the habits that would lead to the result I was hoping to achieve. The goals were discrete things that I hoped to accomplish – the majority of which are going to be rolled over into 2015. Oops. To 2015: the year of getting stuff done!

Do you make resolutions at the New Year? We would love to hear them!

PS. Some resolution-keeping tips.

Image Credit: Laura Chassaigne (the view from St-Michel, France)

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