Thursday Crush: Caravan Pacific


Today’s Thursday Crush, Caravan Pacific, caught my eye a few months back when I was thinking about how to set up our bedroom. My husband and I moved in the spring, and now that we know where we will be for the next few years, we started making a few home-related purchases. For the longest time, we had two little Ikea lamps by the bed (you know the ones, you probably owned them once/still, too!). Eventually one broke, and we were lopsided, light-wise. I was dreaming of this adorable ceramic and wood lamp, I had contacted Shannon Guirl, the founder of the company, to ask if she would like to be featured as a Thursday Crush, and in the meantime my husband had ordered a lamp as my Christmas gift! Here he is! (I am obviously not a stylist, so please forgive my less-than-amazing picture.)


The lamps are customizable by mixing and matching the glaze colors and wood used. My little guy is the blue crackle glaze with cherry wood – perfectly calming for a bedroom. So many of the colors are beautiful – I especially love the turquoise glaze! All of the lamps are handmade in Portland, Oregon using responsibly-harvested woods and hand-poured stoneware. Shannon Guirl founded Caravan Pacific after working as a television editor but finding she was more passionate about midcentury lighting. With the help of a kickstarter campaign, she was able to get her business off the ground. You can still see the video here – what an inspiring woman!

I also love the other styles Shannon has come up with, in particular the Alberta table lamp. How fun would one of these be in a little reading nook?

ALBERTA_whitewalnut_location ALBERTA_turqcherry_location

Find out more about Shannon and Caravan Pacific on their website or by following them on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Images 1, 3, 4: Courtesy of Caravan Pacific. Image 2: Laura Chassaigne 

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  1. Daniel says:

    I like “Image 2” the best. Sure, it’s not as styled up as the other ones, but I like that it has that “just rolled out of bed” look going on.