Brooklyn Boulders Somerville


This past weekend, I tried rock climbing for the first time! My husband used to go with some of his friends when we lived in Montreal, but I always found a reason not to join them (secret reason: afraid of heights). We are always looking for ways to do something active together, especially in the winter, and so when I heard recommendations for Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville, we decided to try it out.

bkb8We went in on a day pass for newbies, which gets you entry to the facility and a quick tour and beginning course that includes “how to fall” from the bouldering wall without hurting yourself and how to use the auto-belay system. “Bouldering” means climbing without a rope on a shorter wall – these routes were so challenging! You use the “auto-belays” on taller climbing walls, where you hook the system up to your harness and when you reach the top (or like me, the middle!) you can let go and the system will lower you down gently. I thought this would be scary, but it was actually super-fun! There are shoes and harnesses available to rent, so you don’t need to have any special equipment yourself.

For us, using the auto-belays and bouldering wall was plenty to fill a visit, but during another visit I would be interested in taking one of their classes to learn some other things. The area around the auto-belays was a bit crowded while we were there, so learning how to use the ropes would open up the rest of the gym to us, so even if we were there on a very crowded day we wouldn’t have long waits. The gym also has slack lines (which I forgot to try – next time!) and a parkour course which is available for classes (if you don’t know what parkour is, google it – so crazy!).


Besides climbing, the gym has a yoga room with several classes a day, cardiovascular machines and weight machines, special training equipment to improve rock climbing skills, a coworking space with wifi, and a chill out room. The idea is that it is a place people can come and hang out all day! There is also a cafe in the space, Triangle Coffee, which looked so good, as well as a ping-pong table! Definitely a fun place to hang out! Find out more on the Brooklyn Boulders website.


Brooklyn Boulders. 12A Tyler Street, Somerville.

Image Credit: Laura Chassaigne

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