The Dream


Especially for those of us lucky enough to have a long weekend, it is a fitting time to pause and think about Martin Luther King, Jr., the great man this Monday is named in memory of. So much has changed in the world in the decades since he came to prominence, and yet other things haven’t changed enough. This year’s events have raised questions of bias, race, governance, and censorship, and there is still so much inequity in the world and this country. While these problems can sometimes seem insurmountable, the words of MLK, Jr.’s famous “I have a dream” speech are as inspiring as ever.

Celebrate the legacy of Dr, Martin Luther King, Jr. at the MFA, with free admission and themed programs. Find out more here.

Learn about Dr. King’s ties to Boston.

Be of service to someone, with “a day on, not a day off.” (Boston Cares organized several projects which filled up early – what a great idea! Massachusetts Service Alliance also has a list of projects.)

Attend tribute presentations and performances at Berklee School of Music this week. More on their website.

Mark the day with a memorial breakfast featuring a keynote from Cleveland Sellers and speeches from several politicians ($50 – benefits church programs), or attend a youth tribute concert at Faneuil Hall (free) starting at 1pm.

Image Credit: Civil rights march on Washington, D.C., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking. 8/28/1963. Public Domain, photographer Rowland Scherman. National Archives542068, 306-SSM-4D-107-8.

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