The Weekender: January 23-25


It is apparently going to be a wintery weekend, with a snow storm expected on Saturday and Sunday. We haven’t had much snow yet this winter – it might be time to find those snow boots! Here are few of our picks for the next few days.

Binge Watching. Snowy Sundays seem made for watching a few too many episodes of an addictive show, right? Lately I can’t stop watching The Americans (everyone is so bad, I can never decide which side I’m on!), and I also thought the last season of The Newsroom was interesting. Also, Downton Abbey is back! ;)

Bar Hopping. It seems like it will be a nice weekend to spend some time sipping a cocktail or a glass of red wine by a fireplace! By the fire at Post 390 is always a cozy spot. I also really like the unique drinks at Ward 8.

Embrace the Cold. People who love winter things have a much easier time dealing with cold weather. My husband has been trying to get me to improve my ice skating skills for years for this reason – we lived in Montreal for a long time, so it was seriously cold! This list is full of good ideas on embracing a New England winter! What would you add?

Find Refuge. If you just can’t, get in a workout inside – maybe a yoga class or trying out a rock climbing gym. Or there is always the movies, and then the bar! Have a wonderful few days!

Do you have an upcoming event that you’d like to see listed on The Weekender? To be considered, send us a note at Have a wonderful weekend!

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