Providence-Based Artist Rebecca Volynsky


Artist Rebecca Volynsky describes her work as a “process of creating and then letting go.” When I came across Rebecca’s work, I was instantly drawn to her process, patterns, and symbolic imagery. There is so much emotion woven into her work – a story to be told.

Rebecca shared what inspires her, what makes her happy, and her favorite things to do near her home in Providence, Rhode Island, where she lives.

How would you describe yourself in three words? Weird, strong, compassionate.

Your art is so beautiful and inspiring. What inspires YOU? I am always inspired by the students I work with at New Urban Arts, a community youth arts studio in Providence. Regardless of how much they deal with in every day life mixed with the work they have to complete for school and college applications – they are still making artwork just because it is a way for them to express their creative voice. This motivates me to never give up. I am also inspired by the hardworking women I am meeting through the PVD Lady Project, an organization that connects and supports female leaders and entrepreneurs (psst … you should totally join the BOS Lady Project!).


What inspires your artwork? At the moment, I am very inspired by the idea of how much effort we place into our relationships and friendships. I’ve been thinking a lot about what these connections mean for me, and how much of myself I offer to other people when it might not be totally reciprocated. My life is often reflected within my work in subtle ways, especially through text and the titles of my work. I’m currently working on a new mixed media piece for the Machines with MagnetsBreastival” which features work inspired by women’s health. For me, when I think about women’s health, I think about mental health. The piece I’m working on touches upon body image and my experiences in learning how to celebrate my body and be unapologetically myself.

Do you have a favorite artist? I love Louise Bourgeois and Jenny Holzer, especially they way they both use text in art to portray the female voice. Sometimes art can shout out the things we can’t even speak of or articulate in conversation.

Favorite piece of work that you’ve created?Shout, Speak, Understand” is a painting I made a few years ago. It is a self-portrait of sorts that, to me, shows how art is a tool for me to share my voice and reflect on experiences.


What makes you happy? Eating breakfast and adventuring with friends, experiencing art, and teaching.

If you aren’t in your studio, what are you doing? I love cooking and baking as well as going to shows and events here in the city. I try to do my best to never stop learning and take advantage of all the rad activities this city has to offer.

You live in Providence – such a cool city! What are a few of your favorite places to eat, shop, visit or explore? While I miss living in Somerville (but mostly eating brunch at Highland Kitchen, downing sazeracs at the Brick and Mortar, and looking at art from The Nave Gallery) … I am so excited to be living in Providence again. Some of my favorite spots include White Electric for coffee and snax, 186 CarpenterAS220, and GRIN Gallery to see stellar local art, Rocket to Mars & Mint on Broadway for vintage goods, and lastly, The Red Fez and New Harvest Coffee & Spirits for drinks. There is a lot happening in Providence these days. I believe that the continued support the city has for the arts community will allow it to grow and move forward in a positive direction. It’s exciting to be part of that.

Thanks so much, Rebecca! We are huge fans of yours – and can’t wait to check out some of your favorite places to visit next time we are in Providence.

Image credit: Rebecca Volynsky

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