Things to Do on a Snow Day

things to do on a snow day

Hi friends! Another snow day! Hope you are staying safe and cozy today – we are huddled indoors pouring extra coffee and making a mess in the kitchen. Hello, homemade granola! If you’re starting to feel cabin fever set in, here are some ideas to help you enjoy this extra snowy day.

Get in the kitchen! I’ve been cooking up a storm these past few days. It’s been kind of awesome. Since I am not the best cook (by any stretch of the imagination), I’ve had time to make mistakes and try again. My husband has been working from home, too, and he’s been the best taste tester. Laura and I love all of Cookie & Kate’s recipes. I have made the roasted brussels sprouts and crispy tofu twice this week. So good.

Snowy walks. Put on your long underwear, gloves, and hat and get outside. The snow, although crazy, is beautiful. Plus, quiet roads and sunshine make it even better. Take along your camera or simplify and just enjoy trudging through the fluffy winter wonderland. PS. There have been so many amazing snowy captures on the #bostondaybookfeed this week.

Seek inspiration. On snowy mornings, I love to see what kind of goodness is out there. Today, I am reading career advice from Follain’s Tara Foley on The Everygirl and reading the archives on Cup of Jo (we especially love these posts). Plus, these are a must for snowy days.

Cheers! Although most of the city has shut down, there are a number of bars and restaurants still open. We love that people have been skiing and snowshoeing to their neighborhood restaurants! Here’s a great list featuring places that are open in the city.

How are you surviving the snow? Any favorite activities?

Image credit: Natalie Chassaigne Kurtzman

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