MFA Playdates

MFA Playdates

I have been pleasantly surprised to find that the places I frequented before baby are usually quite accommodating post baby. Top of my list? The Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

Full disclosure, I am a non-practicing art history major, so this is likely something I would love no matter what. That being said, I found my first experience at their playdates session to be excellent.

Expect a large turn out but a very organized team. Everyone is handed a color-coded tag for their group and then directed to color and be social on large strips of paper within the new wing/atrium. My daughter would have been happy with this set-up alone, and in fact, it was where we ended up returning often.

From coloring, you are led into one of the galleries for story time, active play, and some dance and activities around the day’s theme. This session was devoted to the “Changing Weather”. How fitting given our current state of affairs! Children, ages 4 and younger, all circled up, analyzing weather in paintings, shaking it out like a thunderstorm, and dancing in the rain. Perfection. Or it would have been had my active little one chosen to participate. Something about the serene setting within the gallery got my normally shy tot up and at ’em. I spent more time trying to curb her from touching Sargent’s The Daughter’s of Edward Darley Boit, than acting out our season. In the end we opted to return to our giant coloring station on the floor and wait for the group to return for crafts, post-gallery story time. The assembly of a homemade wind chime was a huge hit, even if Daphne ended up turning all the chimes into necklaces.

The hallowed halls of the museum are super welcoming to all their young guests. Play is encouraged and a tolerant eye is turned on just about everything – short of picking up a piece to take home.

Playdates are free with museum admission, no advance ticketing or reservations required. All galleries are stroller accessible, but I’d recommend just checking it at the door or leaving it in the car. Post-playdate, grab a quick bite at the Taste Café and Wine Bar (I usually opt for a glass of wine to celebrate a successful playdate – don’t judge) before racing home for nap time.

Sessions are 10:15-11 am, on the following dates: March 16 – “Changing Weather”, April 6 – “Fruits and Vegetables” and May 4 and 18 – “Animal Sounds”. For more information, please go here.

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Image credit: Noelani Zervas

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  1. Natalie says:

    sad we missed this last one but I plan on making this a regular thing! Thanks for the eats tip, I too will be having some vino!