A Vintage Minute


Growing up, our weekends would often involve popping into an antique store or two. My parents love the thrill of finding a unique piece and a great deal to match.

As I became an adult, I developed my own interest in antiques and vintage items.  I love shopping for vintage clothing, perusing antique marts and fairs, and thinking about the item’s past life. For instance, in our kitchen, we have a wooden pew that at one time was in a church in Cambridge. I often think about who has taken a seat on that pew and what they were thinking at the time. There are so many untold stories!

I’ve always loved the stories and interesting pieces on WGBH’s Antiques Roadshow. It’s fascinating to learn more about pieces that are really valuable – and even those that aren’t. Dylan Leavitt, a digital field producer for Antiques Roadshow, is bringing old items to life in her YouTube series, Dylan’s Vintage Minute.

From old seltzer bottles to cocktail rings, Dylan introduces a vintage style trend paired with a quick history lesson in each mini-episode. Peruse all of Dylan’s episodes and subscribe here.

Do you shop vintage? What are your favorite places to peruse and shop?

Image courtesy of WGBH Educational Foundation.

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