A Winter Day on Cape Cod


Most people think the Cape shuts down in the winter, and it sort of does, but I have these wonderful “go-to” spots that are open year-round. One of my favorite things to do is get out of the house early, right after my oldest goes to school, and take the baby out to a café for some coffee (toast and eggs for her) and people watching. Wesleigh loves to go out for breakfast, and one of our favorite places is Café Chew in Sandwich, right near the bridge. It’s always bustling in there no matter what time of day you go, so it’s perfect if you’re feeling cabin fever! I love meeting friends who also have kids there for coffee, because it’s noisy, and little ones can’t go far without you seeing them. I almost always meet a new friend, too.


Since Wesleigh still sleeps most of the afternoon, I try to tucker her out in the mornings, so if we go to breakfast, I love to go to the library or the bookstore after. My favorite bookstore on the Cape is Titcomb’s Bookshop – it also happens to be the most charming. They have a wonderful kids section filled with classic and new books for little ones. When us girls went in the other day to meet our friends, the kids were into everything. They loved the books and selection of unique toys. I was looking for something inspired by my favorite subject – Paris. The ladies behind the counter gave me some amazing suggestions and I walked out with  four books! I found two wonderful books for Wesleigh as well. If you haven’t heard of Miss Rumphis, I highly suggest checking it out, it’s one of the most endearing children’s books. After the bookshop, and sufficiently tuckering out my little gal, we headed home for some cold afternoon snuggles, a nap for Wesleigh, and some good reads for me.


Recommendations from Titcomb’s Bookshop:
Miss Rumphius, Lizzy Bennett’s Diary, Paris: The NovelParis Letters, A Paris Apartment

*If you go to Café Chew for lunch, you HAVE to have the hummus salad (it’s my favorite)!

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 Image Credits: First Mate Photography

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love the Cape in the winter — and now I have some book recommendations for my next lazy, quiet Saturday escape from the city. Thanks!