Shades of Sound at Boston Ballet

Boston Ballet

The Boston Ballet is so amazing – every time I go I am blown away. Of course, the dancing itself is awe-inspiring, plus it is also such a treat to listen to live music in the absolutely stunning Boston Opera House. Every nook and hallway of the building is beautiful!

My husband and I treated ourselves to a 3-performance subscription this year, and we have been enjoying it so much. We live in a downtown neighborhood, and have been trying to take advantage of all of the cultural institutions nearby. It is a short walk to the Opera House, so it is easy to pop over after work. Until March 29, the Boston Ballet is presenting Shades of Sound – a selection of three ballets with music ranging from Tchaikovsky to the White Stripes. The first piece in the program was Wayne McGregor’s Chroma. I absolutely love this piece! I have seen a few times, and find it even more engrossing with each viewing. The music by the White Stripes was performed by one of the largest groups of musicians to ever accompany a performance at the Opera House, and the choreography is so intense and emotional – I couldn’t look away!

Boston Ballet

Chroma was followed by George Balanchine’s Episodes, and then by the Dutch work Black Cake, set to music by Tchaikovsky. This was a hilarious piece centered on six couples dancing and drinking. If you get a chance to see Shades of Sound before it closes on March 29, I would highly recommend it! To find out more and purchase tickets, take a look at the Boston Ballet website.

Boston Ballet

Images Courtesy of Boston Ballet. Image Credits: 1- George Balanchine’s Episodes, © TheGeorge Balanchine Trust, photographer Rosalie O’Connor; 2 -Wayne McGregor’s Chroma, © Rosalie O’Connor; 3 – Hans van Manen’s Black Cake, © Rosalie O’Connor.

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