Meet Our Newest Contributors: The Travelin’ Chicks


We are absolutely thrilled to welcome another pair of sisters as contributors on The Boston Day Book! Chelsea and Kinsey are from Gloucester, MA, and are excited to fill us in on all the glories of the North Shore. The duo are also pros at traveling, and have been to 42 countries – wow! We can’t wait to see what they share with us. Here is a little Q and A to introduce them to you.

Hi Chelsea and Kinsey! We are so excited to welcome you both as contributors to The Boston Day Book! How would you describe yourselves in a few words?

We’re fun-loving adventurous kind of girls! Always down for a giggle and a visit to the beach. We love learning about new people, places and quirky facts!

You live in Cape Ann – such a beautiful region! What do you consider to be the area’s best-kept secret?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one. There are so many amazing things to do here at home on good ole Cape Ann. But if we have to choose we would go with St. Peter’s fiesta. It’s really not a secret but it’s our favorite time of year. It’s a four day celebration at the end of June in honor of St. Peter who protects and looks over our community of fishermen. There’s a carnival, greasy pole competition, parades and lots more to discover! Come join in on the fun!

How did you become interested in blogging? Tell us a bit about your travels and your blog, The Travelin’ Chicks.

To be honest, we kind of fell into blogging originally. When we first started traveling together our parents and family wanted to see the places we were and what we were doing while on the road. So we started our blog and used it mainly for our family. Then we really got into video so we focused on teaching ourselves how to shoot and edit. Now our hobby has taken on a life of its own and we are following that river we created. We are excited to see where it takes us and love sharing and promoting other travelers and adventurers as well.


It is so fun to meet another pair of sisters who blog together! How do you find working with a sibling? 

Being in cahoots with anyone has its ups and downs but we’ve found that working together as sisters makes it a lot easier at times. We can read each other like a book and that helps in a lot of situations, especially when abroad. If there are disagreements we say our piece and move on. We can always rely on one another and when it comes down to it we always have a blast, even when the road gets rough.

You have 12 hours in Boston – what would you do?

We would start with breakfast and a book or two or three at Trident Booksellers on Newbury Street. Then we would head to the Public Garden for a stroll and possibly a photo shoot. Popping over to The Boston Common Coffee Company for a cup and a snack would be ideal before wandering through the King’s Chapel Cemetery for a peruse around the old gravestones. Back to Park Street we would head to jump on the Red Line to Cambridge for a classic burger at Bartley’s. After a stroll through Harvard Yard to channel our inner genius we would hop back on the T to the Theater District to catch a show and sip on some cocktails at Avery Bar in The Ritz after the performance.

Thanks, Chelsea and Kinsey! Look for posts from this dynamic duo, and in the meantime get to know them through their blog, The Travelin’ Chicks. You can also find them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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