Time and Tiffany’s


Tiffany & Co. has just launched a new collection of watches, and Natalie and I were invited in for a sneak peak. I haven’t worn a watch for years – I don’t like the feeling of something on my wrist, and there always seems to be a cell phone or a clock around anyways. However, I could really appreciate the craftsmanship of these pieces. One of the coolest features is the translucent back, which allows the weighted mechanism charging the watch and the other moving parts to be seen. It was so mesmerizing to witness all of the intricate movements that go into telling time – and that are normally hidden from view!


The new collection was inspired by a Tiffany’s rose gold watch worn by FDR, and learning more about the history of watches was fascinating. The Tiffany’s flagship store in New York installed a huge statue of Atlas holding up a clock in 1853 (pictured above), and at the time it was one of the public clocks by which that the passing crowds would set their day. Personal watches were hugely expensive and luxurious, and it was only in the 20th century that they became available to a mass market. It made me think of how today we always know what time it is, while for so much of human history we weren’t setting our actions to that ticking metronome. While sometimes it can be liberating to ‘forget time’ and be in the moment, it is also amazing to realize how accurately we can tell time today, because of the curiosity and innovation of those who came before us. These Tiffany’s watches (for those who can afford them!) feel like a fascinating reminder of that history.

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Images Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

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