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At the end of this week, my family and I are heading west to San Francisco. I couldn’t be more excited about the trip, however I realized that the last time we made the cross country trek, Wesleigh was only 6 months old and stayed put the entire flight. This time she is a squirmy and adventuresome toddler, so I have been brainstorming (and trying not to panic) of things to do to keep her entertained. Hopefully what works on a two-hour flight will also pertain to a 6 hour one! Here is my short list of ideas, I would love to hear your suggestions.

Don’t Forget…

Baby wearing: the easier way to get through the airport, it to wear that baby! It allows you to be hands free and attend to your toddler easily. My favorite toddler carriers are the Ergobaby and the Osprey.

Easy access clean up: Babies are super messy and love to get into everything. Having some easy access clean up supplies are a must. I love the Honest Travel Wipes as well as Aden and Anais bibs. I also love a cross body diaper bag that doubles as a carry on, like the Stork messenger.

Snacks! Besides a bottle, snacks are a must. Of course anything that is “finger friendly” we know how toddlers are when it comes to being independent.

How to Handle Toddler Behavior:

Take a deep breath: This is the hardest to remember but we have to remain calm, even during a toddler tantrum. It’s true that babies can sense your stress, so taking one big deep breath before you try to soothe the baby helps.

Music: Downloading the music to my toddler’s favorite TV shows onto my iPhone has been a saving grace. I have been putting my old headphones on Wesleigh, and I crack up at the music she recognizes!

Snacks, bottle and binky: First I offer Wesleigh some fun snacks that I have packed. If she isn’t into them, I offer the bottle. If that doesn’t work, sometimes she just needs a binky and a breather.

Mess-free coloring: This is one of my favorite things to keep toddlers entertained because they can’t make a mess but it keeps them busy.

Stickers: I don’t know about you but my toddler LOVES stickers. Plain white paper and a sticker book will keep her busy for at least a half hour!

I also try to plan our flight at nap time or bedtime. This doesn’t work for some toddlers but if you have a toddler that can fall asleep anywhere it’s a great strategy. Getting dinner, then having Wesleigh climb into her PJ’s before we get on a flight helps get her settled. If all else fails she can watch a movie with her big brother if it keeps her happy!

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