Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge

assabet river national wildlife refuge
Now that we are officially in the throes of spring (hello, sunshine and warm breezes!), I want to be outside all of the time. It’s nice to work with the windows open and sneak out for a coffee break mid-day, but it’s not the same as being outside all day long.

This past weekend, I ventured 45 minutes west of the city to the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge. As much as I love city life, it’s so rejuvenating to get outside of the city and breathe fresh, crisp air. The wildlife refuge is in Sudbury, Massachusetts -where Laura and I spent a good portion of our childhood! – and so it is always great fun to visit one of our hometowns (we moved around a little bit as kids).

assabet river

The wildlife refuge is a 3.5 square miles, so plenty of space to explore. When we visited on Saturday, we only ran into a few other hikers and joggers! The refuge has beautiful forested areas (love those pinecones) plus a great deal of wetlands, including the Assabet River of course.

There are so many wonderful destinations for hiking and getting fresh air around the city. Since we grew up in Sudbury, the conservation land in the MetroWest holds a special place in my heart, but I also love exploring the North Shore. What about you? What are your favorite outdoorsy destinations in and around Boston?

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