Packing for a Dream Vacation


It’s fun to plot a dream vacation – from the hotels where you would stay and take long, relaxing baths to the cocktails you would drink, feeling totally at ease and in vacation mode, to what you would want to bring along (and what you’ll want to leave space in your suitcase for to bring home). Today, we’re dreaming of visiting Hong Kong. Since my dream trip would happen during the summer months (read: hot and humid), I’ll need to plan accordingly.

Here are some items that I’d bring along:

To refresh. I am obsessed with Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator. It’s the perfect remedy for dehydrated, thirsty skin. It smells heavenly, too. I use this all the time, but especially when I travel and my skin needs to adjust to new environments. In addition to keeping my face happy, I always need to give some extra TLC to my hands and lips when I travel. Is it just me or does your skin become extra-needy and chapped when you travel? It’s crazy how the change in water and air can make such a difference. I swear by this balm. It’s an all-over skin salve, and I use it as just that. I put it on my lips, hands, and even my neck and face, as needed. It’s a cure-all and feels so protective.

To re-live. I’ve always loved journaling and capturing moments on camera, but I find that I do this best when I’m on the road. Breathing in new smells, taking in new sights, eating new foods – these are all things that I want to experience, first and foremost, but also pack home in my suitcase to recall upon years down the road. I love to travel with a small journal and pen (these are my favorite) and of course, my camera. I try to live in the moment, so capturing the moment is always secondary to me. It’s definitely a balance.

To wear. Since I’m planning to visit Hong Kong during the hot and humid months, I’ll need to pack light and airy clothes. I’m currently coveting this dress – it is so cute and looks comfortable. I always travel with a scarf; I go from hot to cold so quickly. Plus, it doubles as a blanket! It may sound silly, but these bras are a must-bring. In the hot weather, there’s nothing worse than having your undergarments stick to you and feel so heavy. I’d also bring this hat, these sandals, and of course an extra bag in case I need more space on the return flight.

What would you bring on a dream vacation?

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Image credit: Natalie Chassaigne Kurtzman

This post is in partnership with Cathay Pacific. As always, all thoughts are our own. Thank you for reading!

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