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Even if you’ve never stepped foot in Boston, you know about New England Clam Chowder, the Red Sox, and Robert McCloskey’s Make Way for Ducklings in the city’s Public Garden. But, you might not know that the Commonwealth Avenue Mall glitters with tiny twinkle lights all winter long or that you can camp on Boston’s Harbor Islands. These iconic moments are the stuff of memories – the things you won’t find in a guide book, but are irreplaceable in how they make you feel and remember a certain moment (and place) in time.

In celebration of Cathay Pacific’s Iconic Boston Instagram challenge, we wanted to share a few of our favorite iconic Boston moments. Since our experiences are so weather oriented in New England (yeah, spring!), we’re going to share our favorite seasonal happenings.

Winter. Although we may be tired of snow at the moment, we’ll be happy to see it again next year. The city quiets down in the winter – a slow hum inviting you to go back inside and sip hot cocoa by the fireside. It’s a season of slowness, of curling back into oneself and seeing the city through a different lens. Some of my favorite moments in Boston happen just after a big snowstorm. To be the first one to step foot in fresh snow – and in a city, no less! – is a very special feeling!

Spring. After a long winter, your old friend spring is hesitant to greet you. Once it finally comes out from behind the curtain, it shakes of its dusty outer layer and happily envelopes you in the biggest, warmest hug. It’s been far too long! Spring is a beautiful time in Boston. The tiny buds are taking form and blooming into vibrant, fragrant flowers. Walk along Commonwealth Avenue to see the Magnolia trees in full bloom. Stroll through the Boston Public Garden and Common to see trees show their first leaves, the pond and water fountains begin to flow, and the kids prance around like spring is the best thing they’ve seen in awhile.

Summer. The season of sunshine! The farmer’s markets are overflowing with fresh cut flowers, colorful berries, and summer squash. Patios full of tourists and residents alike take in the sweet summertime as an aperitif, main course, and dessert. Boston is a walking city, and the warm summer months (with equally warm evenings) make it all the more enjoyable. Take a walk from Fenway through the North End, or start on one side of the river and hop over to the other. You can take a canoe or sailboat out for a ride along the Charles River or catch a free movie at the Hatch Shell. And, if you’re itching for a weekend away, there’s no shortage of opportunities. Head to Nantucket or up to Vermont and bask in summer’s glory.

Fall. I am biased – fall is my favorite season of all. It’s hard to not love the ever-changing colors, especially if you’re lucky enough to hop on the highway and drive north. The leaves between Boston and Montreal remind you of where you’ve been and where you’re going, in shades of green, red, and fire orange. Most of all, it’s the smells. As you walk through the Back Bay, you’re instantly brought back to your childhood, when your parents would light fire to their backyard brush. It’s that smoky, comforting smell. The smell that lingers and sticks to your clothes and often walks you home at night and tucks you into bed. It’s the smell that leads you into winter’s open arms.

And you do it all again – all four seasons – because you love this city and its wondrous small town feel.

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Image credit: Natalie Chassaigne Kurtzman

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