Janet Echelman Sculpture on the Greenway


Have you gotten a chance to see the new public art piece on the Greenway? Installed just a few days ago, the sculpture by Brookline artist Janet Echelman floats above the Greenway near Summer Street. Weighing one ton and constructed out of 100 miles of twine, the sculpture can exert over 100 tons of force when the wind blows through the corridor between skyscrapers. It was built with a knowledge of how much force each supporting building could supply, and is integrally connected to its environment. The sculpture shifts and moves with the wind, reflecting its natural environment as well.

IMG_2290 IMG_2295

When one section moves, it affects the entire piece. Made of delicate twine, the sculpture is monumental in scale, spanning over 600 feet. Although the twine is lightweight, it is 15 times stronger than steel, and the artist views it’s relationship with the surrounding hard-edge architecture as a “physical manifestation of interconnectedness and strength through resiliency.”

At night, the illuminated sculpture is even more beautiful, a ghostly gossamer form rising above the city. Tonight is the official unveiling, but even if you can’t make it tonight be sure to check it out over the next few months. The piece will be in place through October 2015.


Find out more on Janet Echelman’s website.

Image Credit: Laura Chassaigne

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