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In a restored 1800’s barn in the laid back neighborhood of Lanesville in Gloucester, metal grinds on wood and the smell of sawdust hangs in the air. In a neat little corner of the barn an organized workshop awaits its artist.


Woodworking runs in the family, and what began as a weekend hobby with her father quickly turned into a passion towards a business and livelihood. Vanessa Hobbs of Lee & Company started out by making herself her own cutting board. Using the knowledge from her woodworking father, not only did she plan and create her first piece but immediately the people in her life took notice and wanted a piece by her of their own. Voila, her business took flight.


Working with mostly salvaged wood, she brings pieces of timber into her shop and out comes not with only different types of cutting boards but also coasters and paddle knives. Each specimen is handmade, sanded down with love and stained to perfection.


With Lee & Company up and running for the past year, Vanessa has seen sales of her woodwork expand, with local carriers selling her wares. and customers as far afield as Japan, Ireland, California and Washington state.

The future looks bright for our favorite female woodworker. Pick up your own piece and grab a dose of inspiration from Vanessa – she’d be more than happy to oblige.

Sisters Chelsea and Kinsey are Gloucester natives with the traveling bug. They share their North Shore favorites as well as finds from further afield. Catch up with them on their blog, The Travelin’ Chicks, and find all their Boston Day Book posts here.

Image Credit: Travelin’ Chicks

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