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I’ve never met a dessert that I didn’t love (hello, sweet tooth). But, we all know that not all sweets are created equal. There are those really, really, really good bars of chocolate that stand above the rest. There are the sweets that are handcrafted with love, and it shows. And then there is the candy that’s delicously different – maybe it’s an unexpected ingredient or a childhood favorite gone gourmet.

Sweet Lydia’s, a handcrafted confections company, concocts gourmet marshmallows, candy bars, and s’mores in Lowell, Massachusetts (although they are set to open their second location at The Boston Public Market!). Owner Lydia Blanchard creates drool-inducing treats like The Minty Pattie Candy Bar (chocolate shortbread, peppermint pattie, and dark chocolate) and Caramel S’mores.

sweet lydia's

So, how did Lydia get started? A few years back, she sent a batch of orange marshmallows (yum!) to her dad for his birthday. He told her that she needed to start a business right away – they were that good. It took Lydia two years to realize that crazy or not, she needed to take the risk and open Sweet Lydia’s.

Lydia told us, “there’s something communal and comforting about food, and sweets in particular. Marshmallows seem to hold a nostalgic place in the hearts of many people and I am graced by the opportunity to share those memories by making candy.” Whether you are a candy person or not, marshmallows – and especially s’mores! – always induce nostalgia. All I can think about is campfire sing-a-longs with s’mores, of course.

Despite making candy all day, Lydia often finds herself whipping up a cake in her spare time. Passion is what drives Sweet Lydia’s and we love that.

Image credit: Lydia Blanchard

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