Local Artist Julianne Strom


Julianne and I connected through Instagram, and set up a coffee date on Charles Street a few weeks back. We ended up lingering over lattes and talking about everything – you know those people that you feel like you’ve known forever even if you just met? Julianne is one of those: friendly, warm, and vibrant. So it makes sense that her art has those qualities too!


A Newton native, Julianne studied art history and painting at Skidmore. After her Bachelor’s degree she tried a few different things, eventually moving back to the area and working as an art teacher at a day camp. Being around children reminded her why she loved making art herself – the kids approached art with so much joy and creativity, rather than the intimidation and apprehension adults sometimes bring to it.

After this experience, Julianne went back to school for a MA in Art Education at MassArt. As part of the degree she took painting classes intensively for a semester, and delved into making abstract art. With nowhere to store the large paintings after the class, she created an Etsy account, MossAndBlue, hoping to sell something, and was delighted when people starting purchasing her pieces!


While at MassArt, Julianne delved into abstraction. Using acrylic paint allowed her to build up layers, scrape the surface, and use other techniques to create palimpsests of color and texture, inspired by the layering of posters on city walls. The abstract nature also means that in different lights and when approached with a different mood, a viewer may see different things in the canvas. This is the kind of art that would be a pleasure to live with!


These days, in addition to painting, Julianne works as an art teacher in a nearby town, and is so inspired by her students. It was such a treat to meet a passionate artist and teacher, who is so enthusiastic about growing the creative community in Boston. She aims to make her abstract art accessible and approachable, and would love to expand the audience for original art. We can’t wait to see more from her!

Find Julianne’s work on Etsy at MossAndBlue, follow her on Instagram at @mossandblue. Plus, through June 17th, a selection of her work is showing at West Side Lounge in Porter Square.

Images Courtesy of Julianne Strom.

  1. Kate says:

    Beautiful work and beautiful photos! She’s really talented.