First Trimester Essentials


When I first found out that I was pregnant, I kept scouring the ‘blogosphere’ for advice, so I thought as I continue this chapter I would share some things that have helped me so far! First up – first trimester essentials.

During the first few months, I felt a little bit like an alien had taken over my body. A cute and welcome alien, but still an alien! My senses were in absolute overdrive – especially my sense of smell. Everything was just a little too much. Walking outside I felt absolutely bombarded by the city. It was such a wild, exciting ride to feel so so different but look basically the same to everyone else. I kept wanted to tell everyone “I’m pregnant!!!” (An interesting article on when to share to news.)

A few things that helped me during this time:

Stomach Soothers. Gingerale was amazing for nausea. For a few weeks, my main forms of sustenance were prenatal vitamins, Kettle potato chips, cheddar cheese, oranges, bananas, and cereal. Everything else was sooo not appealing.  For me, those crazy pregnancy craving were real. At some point, I wanted pickles so badly, and my amazing husband kept buying them but they all were too garlicky and I had to make my own quick pickles – for a few days I was obsessed! For the worst weeks of morning sickness I sometimes wore Sea Bands – I am not sure whether they really helped, but it was nice to feel like I was doing something about it – the placebo effect is real, people!

Research Project. If you are like me and you love to know as much as possible, this is a fun time to read a zillion books and download all the free apps (there are so many – what to expect, the bump, my pregnancy, etc). The apps send you cheesy emails each week and tell you which fruit your baby most resembles at that point in time – apple seed> blueberry> raspberry> olive> lime> plum> peach> etc. (You realize that this sequence ends with watermelon – omg!) My library card got a lot of exercise. I liked this basic book that covers pregnancy and birth in a really clear and freak-out-free way, and this memoir on life as a midwife was really interesting.

What to Wear? At some point in the first trimester, getting dressed gets a little complicated. For me, I didn’t really look ‘pregnant’ until 20 weeks or so, but my clothes stopped fitting normally well before that. A belly band was a huge help – these stretchy bands go over your pants to help keep them up, so that underneath you can attach them with a hair elastic and leave them unbuttoned. This sounds crazy but it works really well – this is the one I used. I wore a lot of A-line dresses (similar to this and this), softy maxi dresses, flowy tops, and my button-up chambray (like this – on sale!). At a certain point, it became necessary to buy a bunch of maternity clothes for my self image – more about those in another post. ;)

Naps!! I was so.tired. I definitely recommend leaving some empty space on the calendar in case you need to veg out watching Netflix or put yourself to bed at 9pm. My energy really rebounded at about 3 months, so it’s not forever! You are growing a tiny tadpole – it’s hard work!

Do you have any tips or things that helped you through this crazy time? We would love to hear!

Image Credit: Laura Chassaigne

  1. Julia says:

    Couldn’t agree with these more! Such good tips ;) It’s nice to be in the “glory days” of pregnancy now eh?

  2. Jane says:

    I love this, Laura! I totally agree with your list :)