Thursday Crush: Montreal Summers


There are some places that really hit their stride in a certain season. They could be nice all year ’round, but at a certain moment things come together and you think ‘ Yes! Now I understand why people love it here!’ For me and Montreal, that season is summer. I lived in Montreal for 10 years, and while there are so many wonderful things about this city, the summers were the highlight. At some point, I should write up a guide, but for now, here are some snippets of a Montreal summer.

Street art everywhere you look.


Hanging out at the Jean-Talon market… look for the creperie and the amazing juice stand.


Summer time is for walking in the streets! Pedestrians only in the Old Port, and certain times downtown and along St. Laurent.


Festivals galore! The Jazz Fest, Just for Laughs, Francofolies, and so many others. Even on a cloudy day, Place des Arts can be packed. Plus, the possibility of finding random delights everywhere, such as a piano marathon on the street corner.


What a place!

Image Credit: Laura Chassaigne


  1. Daniel Bahcheli says:

    Vive Montréal !