Restoration Resources


My husband and I bought an apartment last year, and we’ve been doing lots of little projects — painting, adding overhead lights, building cabinets… Since it is an old apartment (in Beacon Hill, so lots of little quirks!) it’s been quite a learning process. We love combining the historic character of the apartment with more modern furniture and decor. Restoration Resources is a fun spot we discovered when we were installing some chandeliers. One of the chandeliers was an antique my parents picked up somewhere years ago, and we needed a plate to go along the ceiling. The shop had just the thing – a circular brass plate that looks like it came with the light! Perfect!


Near Mass Ave at the edge of the South End, Restoration Resources is a treasure trove of salvaged architecture pieces and hardware. It’s a great place to wander through, with so much to look at. Some of the pieces are on a grand scale, but they also sell furniture, lights, and small pieces that would add some interesting character. The shop also has an event room available to rent. If you are thinking about a renovation or just poking around for inspiration, this is a great place to check out!


Restoration Resources. 1946 Washington Street, Boston, MA. Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-4pm.

Images 1 and 3 Courtesy of Restoration Resources, Credit: Emily Knudsen. Image 2 Credit: Laura Chassaigne

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