Latte Art with Ogawa Coffee


Have you visited Ogawa Coffee in downtown yet? The Japanese coffee chain opened their first international location in Downtown Crossing this past May. The staff is primarily Boston-based but trained by Kyoto native Haruna Murayam, who is the 2010 World Latte Art Champion. Murayam relocated to Boston to support Ogawa’s expansion.


Ogawa coffee was built on the foundations of hospitality and above all, precision. The weight of the espresso beans is calculated, baristas face the machine at a certain angle, and the milk must be heated to a certain temperature. No kidding around! In addition to Haruna Murayam’s latte art talent, CEO and President of Ogawa Coffee USA, Yoshinori Uda, actually wrote a book called “The Handbook of Latte Art.” We connected with Ogawa Coffee to share tips on how to make latte art at home…

Single Heart pg 127

The “single heart” is the simplest design in latte art — ideal for beginners! 

– Hold the cup at a 45 degree angle.

– Begin drawing in the center of the cup.

– Move the pitcher closer to the cup.

– Pour the foamed milk quickly in a streaming motion and continue pouring while returning the cup to a horizontal level.

– Draw the centerline of the heart by pouring a thin line while moving the cup to the front.

– Enjoy!

Image credit: Ogawa Coffee

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