Crafted: Objects in Flux

01. Drag_Susie Ganch_1

Drag, Susie Ganch, 2012-2013, Mixed media steel
Photo courtesy Sienna Patti, Courtesy Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The MFA is one of our favorite Boston museums, and we always look forward to their exhibitions. A new show opening Tuesday looks especially interesting. The exhibition focuses on contemporary craft-based artists, and how their work blurs the lines between what has been traditionally considered ‘craft’, ‘art’, and ‘design.’ Works from more than 30 international artists, including ceramics glass, fiber, jewelry, metals, furniture, and wood, illustrate how the field is in a state of flux. How cool are these sneak peeks?

02. The Hair Craft Project_Sonya Clark_0

The Hair Craft Project: Hairstylists with Sonya Sonya Clark, 2013
Courtesy of the artist, Photo by Naoko Wowsugi, Diego Valdez, Taylor Dabney
Courtesy Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

03. Trans-Hematopoietic Black_Doug Bucci

Trans-Hematopoietic/Black, Doug Bucci, 2011/2014 Nylon printed as one interlinked piece and dyed
Courtesy the artist and Sienna Patti Gallery, Courtesy, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

07. Wittenberg_Svenja John

Wittenberg, Svenja John, 2014, Makrofol and acrylic paint
Courtesy of the artist and Jewelers’Werk Galerie, Courtesy Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

08. Sound Surface_Jonathan Keep

Sound Surface: Benjamin Britten Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes Jonathan Keep, 2014
3D printed porcelain clay and glaze
© J Keep, Photo courtesy J. Keep, Courtesy, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Crafted: Objects in Flux on view at the MFA August 25-January 10.

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