A Trip to Coastal Rhode Island


A few weekends ago, I took a trip down to coastal Rhode Island. I am headed to Newport again this weekend for a wedding. In anticipation of seeing this beautiful coastline, I thought I’d share a few favorite things from our most recent trip…


First off, we visited a friend in Bristol. He lives right on the water with amazing views! He took us for a leisurely boat ride through Mount Hope Bay over to Tiverton. We enjoyed a nice boat ride over to Evelyn’s Drive-In and I ordered the famous lobster roll. Light and buttery… mmm. It was so good!

After lunch, we hopped back on the boat and enjoyed the beautiful bay views on our way back to Bristol. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to pop around downtown Bristol, which seems to be filled with cute shops and restaurants (and is also home to Roger Williams University).


Later that afternoon we caught up with my friend Ali and her family in Tiverton, which I’ve visited before (love the historic four corners). As dinner hour approached, we drove a few minutes through Tiverton until we reached the coast (again!) to join my parents and sister for dinner at the well-known Boat House Restaurant.

We were seated indoors at a corner table, but all the windows were wide open. It felt like we were sitting on the water. As the sun went down, we sipped white wine and enjoyed plates of fresh seafood. It was such a great meal and a wonderful day – I would highly recommend making the trip!

Image credit: Natalie Chassaigne Kurtzman

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