The Travelin’ Chicks at B. Good


We all love a little fast food right? The grease, the salt and of course the sugar call your name as the thought of the classic trio of a burger, fries and shake comes to mind. But as we find out more and more about what fast food companies put into the food they serve us the less we want to delve into this quintessential American meal.

Enter B.Good! After spending a weekend in Portland, Maine working up an appetite from sightseeing and shopping it was time to eat. With all the options that downtown Portland has to offer, we opened a heavy wooden door into fast food heaven.


Now why is B.Good here to save the day for all fast food junkies out there? Their fast food is made from real ingredients! On top of using high quality fixings, all of these ingredients are locally sourced.  As you stand in line perusing the menu, posters on the wall show you the farmers that B.Good sources from and where their farm is located. On top of the usual burgers, fries and shakes you can get salads, kale and grain bowls and veggie, turkey and chicken burgers.


No worries if you don’t have time to adventure up to Maine – B.Good has locations all over Boston, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. What’s even better is that each restaurant sources from local farmers and all natural vendors. So when you are eating a burger in North Carolina the food is coming from farmers in North Carolina. How great is that? As you delve into your juicy burger and hand cut fries you can and will feel good about the food you are eating. Plus, it’s wicked yummy.

Sisters Chelsea and Kinsey are Gloucester natives with the traveling bug. They share their North Shore favorites as well as finds from further afield. Catch up with them on their blog, The Travelin’ Chicks, and find all their Boston Day Book posts here.

Image Credit: Travelin’ Chicks


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  1. Keri says:

    Best New England blog! My sister and I are going to spend the weekend at hidden pond on Maine…hope food and tree house spa are as lovely as they look! Keep writing and traveling- you guys are wonderful

  2. Sarah Lou says:

    I need to add this to my list of place to go!

    • Chelsea says:

      Yes you do! Not only was the food delicious but you felt good knowing how your choice impacted your local farmers. Let us know what you think when you go.